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3M Open Volunteers not just support the community and local charities supported by the tournament, they also get a front row  (and sometimes even behind-the-scenes) view of this great PGA TOUR event near the Greater Twin Cities in Minnesota.

During the Valspar Championship, Andreas met Will, the volunteer coordinator, who asked, if we can write a little bit about the 3M Open.

As a 3M Open volunteer, you have plenty committees to choose from. Find is a list of all 2023 3M Open Volunteer committees here.  Keep in mind, not all of them may have open spots left, when you register, so go ahead and register quickly.

Here are just a few examples for Volunteer Committees:

  • Corporate Hospitality:
    Greet guests, check credentials, and provide wristbands to clients at hospitality locations.

  • Gallery Management Ambassador:
    Unique inside-the ropes tournament experience.

  • Competition Support:
    Location-Based Operators (ShotLink):
    Volunteers will be operating a fairway laser, fairway or greenside tablet, or act as a rover.

Read more on the 3M Open Volunteer webpage or contact us to find out how to register for any of the committees this year.

2023 Tournament Week is: July 24 - 30
TPC Twin Cities, Blaine, MN

3M Open Admission Volunteers3M Open Admission Volunteers

3M Open Volunteer Benefits and Requirements


  • Volunteer uniform: golf polo, jacket, tournament cap or visor
  • Clear 3M Open drawstring backpack
  • Access to grounds with volunteer credential
  • Two (2) Good Any One Day tickets for friends or family members
  • Complimentary parking on days you volunteer
  • Lunch voucher for each shift you volunteer
  • Access to volunteer party


  • Must purchase your own volunteer uniform package
  • Volunteer at least 3 shifts

3M Open Volunteer Parking

Volunteer Parking is at Blaine High School - in the North Parking Lot.

A shuttle will take volunteers to the golf tournament. We recommend arriving at the parking lot at least 30-45 minutes prior to your first shift.

Buses run continuously from 5am – 9pm (Mon - Sat) and 5am - 8pm (Sunday). There is no set schedule, but the tournament has arranged for multiple buses for minimal wait times.

Register on the 'official' 3M Open website or contact us for further questions.

3M Open Standard Bearers3M Open Standard Bearers

Share your 3M Open Volunteer story/experience with us and all the visitors of golf-volunteers.com. We can't wait to read about your golf volunteering experience and tips for other volunteers. Thank you in advance for sharing.

Share Your Golf Volunteer Story

We can't wait to read about your golf volunteering experience and tips for other volunteers. Thank you in advance for sharing.

3M Open Tickets

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