Meeting and Greeting 101.

by Eric.
(Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia.)

The Meet and Greet airport team have had an marvelous experience.
It has been our great privilege to be the first to welcome our guests but also a lot of fun.
We asked everyone on arrival whether they had visited Melbourne before - every single one who HAD expressed their delight to be back. All those who had not had evidently done their research as they too were looking forward to an anticipated extraordinary experience.
100% of arrivals commented on our weather. Some were dismayed to learn it was only to be 38 degrees until they converted that from Celsius to Farenheit (100 degrees!).
We had some great questions:
1: Is this Melbourne?
Answer: Would you like a drink of water?
2. Do you take American dollars in Australia?
Answer: Actually, we have our own currency - however the Taxi drivers do but they do not seem to have heard of the concept of an exchange rate.
3. (Really!) What direction is North in Australia?
Answer: We are working on that one. Meanwhile we wondered if we might try what he was on.

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